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Sights of the Midi Pyrenees - what to see

One of the most distinctive regions of France is at the same time a place where the influence of neighboring countries and peoples is most noticeable. At this point, agricultural land is adjacent to the latest aviation achievements, and the pilgrims’ paths run along military bastids. Here, a vibrant life is in full swing and, at the same time, peace and tranquility are felt. All this is about the Midi-Pyrénées region, on this Pyrenees location where the urban and rural landscapes are intertwined with the majestic natural wealth, and the locals are cordial and always happy to receive guests.

France is truly one of the best destinations for gastronomic tourism. What is noteworthy, each region and each province has its own zest among dishes - the same is the case with the Midi Pyrenees. A special delicacy ripening in the Gorges of Combalu is Roquefort cheese. For a thorough acquaintance and tasting, we recommend visiting the village of Roquefort-sur-Sulzon, where you can also learn about the centuries-old history of this variety.

To get acquainted with the wines of the region, pay attention to the chateau located near the town of Cahors. So in the Chateau de Mercury you can taste wines from the restored Malbec vineyards, and also get acquainted with local dishes in a Michelin-starred restaurant - for example, foie gras (goose liver pate), home-made smoked sausages and truffles. Be sure to eat Kassula - the famous stew of meat and white beans. Of strong drinks, we recommend trying Armagnac.


Start your tour of the region in Toulouse - the old town, whose quiet streets are built up with pale pink houses. Do you like architecture? Then you will definitely like it here! Whatever the house is, an asset is an architectural masterpiece. Notable is the Benedictine Abbey, built in the eleventh century and the Basilica of Saint-Sernin. Go to the Dominican Cathedral of the Jacobins to listen to the organ. For a walk, choose the Garonne promenade, where, in addition to good restaurants and souvenir shops, the old Hotel de Ville, which has been around for more than three hundred years, is of interest.

Cathedral of St. Sicily

The Guyac Wine Road will take you from Toulouse to another old city of Albi, the characteristic feature of which is the use of red brick. Here you can visit the Cathedral of St. Sicily, dating from the thirteenth century and deservedly considered the best example of architecture of those times. Pay attention to the ancient fresco of this cathedral - the image of the Doomsday.

Visit the traditional villages where almost every building is a kind of mini-fortress - they are called bastids. For example, you can go on a tour of Korda, located on a hill, whose construction dates back to the thirteenth century. There are also many taverns with traditional cuisine, where the best dishes of the Midi Pyrenees region are prepared.


Cahors - the famous center of viticulture and winemaking. Here you will be able to taste the red wine that bears the name of this town. Take a walk around the city: look at the old temple, visit the main square, break into the noisy rows of fairs. Not far from Cahors is the ancient Abbey of Saint-Foix, where pilgrims lived in ancient times - today the complex is the object of pilgrims. Theatrical performances are also organized on the territory of the abbey - you can become a spectator.


The city of Fiac was built in the twelfth century, but to this day its original appearance has been preserved excellently. Near Fizhak is a small village, rightfully bearing the title of one of the most beautiful in France - Saint-Sirk-Lyapopi. The next must-see item is the ancient settlement of Osh. This Gascon town is home to the musketeer D’Artagnan. Not only the architecture of the Middle Ages is noteworthy here, but also the weekly fair on the main square, held on Saturdays.

The last on our list, but not the last in importance, was the city of Perpignan. It is located at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains on one side and has access to the Mediterranean Sea on the other. Here you will see bright houses, striking with a variety of colors for the exterior decoration. The residence of the Major Kings, built in the fourteenth century, deserves special attention. Two other important must-see here are the beautiful Castille Castle and the building of the Maritime Chamber of Commerce.

Unfortunately, direct flights to Midi-Pyrenees are not carried out from all countries of the world. However, with just one change, you will definitely be able to get to Toulouse. For docking, choose Paris or Amsterdam. Shuttles run from Andorra - so you will get to Blagnac airport. If you are already in France, then getting to the Midi-Pyrenees will not be so difficult by train. A train connection connects Toulouse with Paris (the journey takes five hours), Bordeaux (two hours) and Marseille (four hours). The Barcelona-Toulouse international train will reach you from Spain in just three hours.

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