Sights of Andorra. Where to go?

Encamp Town

The town in the center of Andorra belongs to the most famous and largest ski region of Grand Valira. The resort offers ample opportunities for recreation and is very attractive for tourists. First of all, advantageous geographical position and well-developed infrastructure. In addition to skiing, you can easily make yourself an interesting excursion route, and a shopping program.

Encamp, by the standards of Andorra, is a fairly large settlement. It was formed at the confluence of five villages. In 1999, an ultramodern cable car was opened here, the so-called Funicamp, which dramatically increased the attractiveness of the ski resort in the eyes of sports lovers.

Funicamp stretches for 6 kilometers. 32 cabins for 25 people each take you to the top of Collada Dentradort in 15 minutes - a little over two thousand meters above sea level. A system of lifts connects the peak with neighboring Grau Roych, so you can easily get to any ski slope - and here there is a variety of them for every taste - without problems. There is a ski track with any level of training. This fact also makes Encamp a very popular destination.

It can be noted that despite the large number of tourists, there are no queues at the lifts - they work so fast. Of course, compared to the Alps, the Andorran routes may seem too simple. But here it is successfully compensated by the variety and richness of well-prepared tracks, and excellent service.

In addition to skiing, there are many other attractions. This includes numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, and the multisport sports and entertainment center, and a number of museums, and some historical buildings of the early Middle Ages, and various shops. Encamp is always full of life and there are always many interesting activities.

Castle Casa de la Vall

Behind the beautiful name “House of the Valleys” lies an old castle built of rough stone in the old quarter of Andorra la Vella. The castle was built by the noble Busquets family back in the 16th century, in the so-called style of rural Catalan architecture, in other words, as a Catalan manor. In 1702, by decision of the Land Council, the castle became the property of parliament. To this day, this is the place of his meetings. And the building itself, massive, but at the same time light, crowned with towers and battlements, is recognized as the cultural and historical value of Andorra.

This rather ordinary building not only preserves the color of ancient eras and remembers the history of the Andorran settlement, this building, having passed into state ownership, performed the most important political functions.

The castle how said by Andorra tourism information is open to the public. And during the tour you can admire not only the General Council Hall, where court hearings were held, but also look into the kitchen, where old utensils, interesting in every respect, have been preserved. The complex of the Casa de la Vall mansion is formed by several more buildings - the only court in the whole country of the Sala de la Giustisia, an excellent philatelic museum, as well as the nearby chapel of Saint Armenol, which is regularly visited by council members. And opposite the Casa de la Vall, in honor of the signing of the new constitution of Andorra in 1993, an original monument was erected.

National Automobile Museum

Encamp, a 20-minute drive from the capital of Andorra, is better known as a wonderful ski resort. But there are other interesting sights here. One of them is the National Automobile Museum.

The museum, created on the basis of private collections and with the support of the government of Andorra, has a very interesting collection. She is one of the most valuable in Europe. It has collected about a hundred cars of rare brands, many old (since 1898) motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. As well as a variety of car accessories, spare parts, advertising signs and a variety of miniatures of rare vehicles.

The main task of the museum is to clearly demonstrate the evolution of vehicles from the moment they arose until the mid-20th century. Along the way, you can get acquainted with the internal structure and arrangement of various machines designed for the transport of people and goods. Here among the handsome retro cars is a rare exhibit at all: Pinetta’s car, built in 1898 and powered by a steam engine. The museum is open daily, except Monday, the ticket costs a symbolic 3 euros. The first Sunday of every month is free to come here.

Sala del consell

Sala del Consell is the seat of the government of Andorra, which was founded at the beginning of the 9th century in the Barri Antique area. The building was built in the traditional style of Pyrenean architecture and was located in the city center. Initially, it belonged to a local noble family, and then over time passed from hand to hand, was rebuilt and rebuilt several times.

In 1702, the appearance of the residence took its final form, and the building received the status of the Palace of the Parliament of Andorra. Since 1761, it was considered the official Residence of the government of Andorra. The Museum of Philatelists is located on the upper floors of the building, which is extremely popular among tourists and local residents. Not far from the building is Sala de la Giustisia - the only Andorran courthouse in the country. A separate room of the Sala del Consell is reserved for the halls of the museum of local life. The Andorran parliament annually attracts tourists with its attractions. Thousands of people come here to enjoy this magnificent monument of architecture.

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