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How to get a lot of steam from vape?


Users come to vaping for different purposes. For some, it is to quit smoking and switch from tobacco to liquid. For others - to find a new hobby, to become a professional. They are attracted by huge clouds of fragrant steam, which are obtained from experienced vapers. It happens that such an effect is not achieved immediately - and this is normal. To enjoy thick smoke, you need to know a few proven techniques and be able to achieve results. Let’s find out how to get a thick “fog” from the vape and how professionals do it.

Little steam - why?

First, let’s say a few words about common mistakes that lead to lean smoke.

There are several reasons why a puff will never work smoky:

Low or old battery

Due to the lack of voltage, the device will not be able to work at full power - this affects the formation of steam.

Tightening Intensity

Even such trifles are important in achieving a good result. In order for the smoke to turn out to be uniformly dense and dense, it is better to inhale slowly, as during breathing “full breasts”. The smoother and deeper the breath, the more steam will be exhaled. Moreover, short puffs harm the atomizer and throat, accumulating moisture. Inhaling sharply, you risk coughing violently.

Garbage in the atomizer

Consultants and experts recommend periodically disassembling and cleaning your device - during outdoor use, for example, part of the dust gets clogged into small parts. There are a lot of them in the vape and contaminated parts can negatively affect the operation of the device or even damage it. Of course, in this situation, a thick steam can never be achieved.

How to achieve a “smoky” soaring?

Throughout the existence of vape culture, many pros have been able to collect several effective methods of vaping with thick steam. All of them are very simple and you can learn how to release “clouds” in just a couple of days. What determines the amount of steam in the vape?

Glycerin in liquid

It is contained in each refueling in larger or smaller quantities. By adding an extra few drops of glycerin to the slurry, you will get a thick white vapor. Tip: choose natural ingredients so as not to injure the mucous membrane of the throat.

Atomizer stability

With the coordinated operation of the device, the liquid will flow evenly, will not “shoot” with jus and give a good result. If in doubt about high performance, take the electronic cigarette to your nearest vaping store. Usually experienced users work there who will prompt and help with the problem.

High battery voltage

As mentioned earlier, old batteries have a bad effect on the operation of the vape and can even ruin its parts. When using a box mod, this is a very important aspect. To provide the entire device with voltage, you should definitely monitor the operation of the battery - so that the vape “pulls” performance at high powers and soars well.

Frequent change of fluid, its diversity

The composition of different jus significantly affects the vapor coming out of the cigarette. For example, experienced “smokers” are advised to add a drop of menthol dressing to the fruit mixture. She will add steam, make it thicker. In addition, the different composition of the liquids allows the atomizer mechanisms to work in different ways - you can choose the power, the capacity of the fluid consumed. This has a good effect on the functionality of the vape. It’s actually easier than it seems to achieve thick smoke, as in videos on blogs of professional vapers - the main thing is to find the right approach to the process. Experiment with fluids, rewind, power. You can definitely find your own special “formula” for the perfect pair.

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